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In Warsaw, you can see most clearly how the city is taking full advantage of the tremendous and unique opportunities arising from the emergence of free market and the development of democracy. Poland's capital is one of the fastest growing cities in Europe. The investment boom is visible everywhere you look. The city has become one big construction and renovation site. The office and commercial buildings commissioned in the recent years accommodate hundreds of businesses, research institutions, banks and international organisations. Scores of new ones are going up in Warsaw, and the demand for high-class office space is still enormous. Keys have been handed to nearly 20,000 new flats and luxury apartments. The underground line is currently being extended, and the construction of waste treatment plant is in progress. Each year sees the opening of new hypermarkets and shopping centres. Industrial facilities in the automotive, electronics and food-processing sectors have been undergoing refurbishment.

During the past five years, the value of Warsaw's development projects has surpassed $ 5 billion. Most of them were made possible by the involvement of foreign capital. Large buildings erected by foreign investors have become permanent features of the cityscape. Representative offices and headquarters are being built not only by major banks and insurance companies of international reputate operating in Warsaw, but also by consortia active throughout Poland even in the neighbouring countries. They choose Warsaw for its central location in Europe, convenient international travel connections, a developed telecommunication network, as well as economic and political stability.

Those investing in Warsaw can be sure of a very high rate of return on capital invested - a rarity in large cities, and a developed, absorbent consumer market.

Yet it is the city's people who are its real asset.

Warsaw, a city with a population of nearly 2 million, is the country's largest university and research centre with an enormous and highly skilled workforce. Therel are also 10,000 to 20,000 Western managers, specialists working in the capital, deployed by consulting and development companies recognised world-wide, along with the hundreds of Western businesspeople visiting the city daily. Foreigners working here appreciate good working conditions and a favourable attitude of the people of Warsaw.

We are pleased to invite you to Warsaw, the city that is also attractive in cultural and tourist terms. A number of well-known cultural events of international importance are held here. The extensive repertoire of scores of theatres, numerous concert halls and cinemas will satisfy even the most exacting audiences.

Finally, we would like to invite you to the Warsaw of numerous historic buildings and reminders of its glorious past, the capital that is changing rapidly from a drab city into a modern metropolis, as young as the people who live here, and becoming more beautiful by the day.

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