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Why cure in Poland?

Poland is becoming a popular medical tourism destination thanks to its many private clinics known of high quality services and affordable prices.

There has been an increased demand for Polish doctors in the last years. Doctors from Poland, especially dentists, are highly qualified specialists. They are working in many European countries (United Kingdom, Ireland) in well-known hospitals and clinics.

Thanks to the increasing number of cheap airlines' flights and expanding local infrastructure, Poland is becoming more and more friendly for patients from all over the world.

About is a project of creating a fully-featured guide for people, who would like to have their teeth perfectly healthy, but don't want to spend lots of money on visits in private dentists' clinics in UK or they don't want to wait long months on their turn. Thanks to the modern ways of transport, you can easily get to Poland and and try the services of our highly qualified dentists! It's really affordable! was created by NEPHAX. This Polish company, established in 1999, employs programmers and designers who have participated in creating well-known brands both in Poland and in the whole Europe. We have experience in:

  • WebDesign, WebSite Creation
  • Web-based Applications
  • Web Hosting
  • Internet Security

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